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Honda CR-V 2010 Door lock/unlock

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I have set all up according to the schema, engine starts, however doors don't lock/unlock. It's written in the manual that there's nothing else supposed to be done for doors lock/unlock. The OEM remote control works, because 3xlock switches the engine off. When the engine is started and the button is pressed on the OEM remote, the blue led is blinking on the evo-one.
posté Sept 20, 2016 dans la catégorie Honda par Viktor Tsoy (130 points)

1 Réponse

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The light/blue and white/black wires going to the lock and unlock wires of the vehicle are inproperly connected. Verify those connection.
répondu Sept 20, 2016 par Viktor Tsoy (85,190 points)
In guide 57711 there is such connection describer. Is this a guide error?


Can you try to connect the light blue wire from the 20 pin EVO harness to the blue wire from the driver door harness, and the white/black to the gray wire in the same harness.

Just make the connections without reprogramming the module.

Those wires will test ground when the button in the driver's door are pressed. One for lock one for unlock.