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2014 Jeep Patriot Purpose of hood pin/valet, parking light, start/stop external connections

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I am looking to Connect a Evo-All Stand Alone on a 2014 Jeep Patriot. I am following installation diagram C. When I bought this evo, it was preflashed and listed as only needing to connect the harnesses. I have not attempted any installation yet.

For the single wire connection coming off the 20 pin connector, I am looking for more infomation on the purpose of them to determine what is necessary and to allow me to locate the wires and troubleshoot any incorrect connections.

-For the 20 Pin Connector

  i. Externial input (Start/Stop External control negative) - What is this and what would this connect to?

 ii. Parking light out negative (this is the white/purple positive for 2014 jeep patriot) - Is this just to blink the break lights and would a relay be required to make this connection, if so is this connection necessary. If it is necessary would it connect to the red/purple wire (shown on under parking lights)

 iii. Hood pin/Valet switch (no valet switch for 2014 Jeep Patriot which is a hatchback) is this a necessary connection and if so, where would this connect to near stearing column (without running under hood to actual switch). The directions state that this is optional, dark blue (from 20 pin connector) with no polarity given. list this as negative black/pink (from the 20 pin connector), and has no location or pictures of the colors.

Yellow and Green/orange will be connected per instruction C.


Seller Flashed for Stand Alone T Harness

Hardware V6

Firmware Vr 74-19 (Seller may have updated it further)

Date 11/2015
posté Jan 2, 2016 dans la catégorie Jeep par Eric Haas (220 points)

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i. In a 3x lock application this is not required. This wire will trigger remote starter when pulsed to ground. Don't use it.

ii. This is only to turn on the light when the vehicle is remote started. This is not required for operation, but if you want to connect it then yes you will need an external relay.

iii. Dark blue is a negative input. It is recommended to install a hood switch to disable remote starter when hood is opened. This is a safety feature. The valet switch is used to manually disable the remote starter and again, this is not necessary for operation.
répondu Jan 2, 2016 par Eric Haas (85,190 points)
élue Jan 2, 2016 par Robert T
Thankyou for getting back to me so quickly.