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volvo xc90 remote start

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I have an EVO ALL and I am trying to configure it as a remote starter but the instruction are a bit vague as to wether or not this is supported.

Can the EVO All be usedin my car to remotely start my vehicle?


2007    Volvo    xc90     3.2
posté Aout 13, 2015 dans la catégorie Volvo par dale pearson (130 points)

1 Réponse

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The Evo-All in your vehicle cannot be used as a "stand-alone" remote starter.


In your vehicle the Evo-All can only do "convenience" features such as doorlocks, footbrake status, door and trunk triggers, tachometer signal, and all this is done via the Can-Bus wires to eliminate the need to run individual wires to different locations in the vehicle.


To be able to do a remote start on your vehicle, you will need a  completer remote starter kit PLUS one OEM key to be sacrificed to be able to bypass the immobilizer system in your vehicle, do note that this type of vehicle and installation is best left to a professional shop/installer.
répondu Aout 13, 2015 par JM (61,780 points)