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« Excellent [products] and up-to-date with today's vehicles. »

-- Anil Rampersad, Richmond Hill, NY, US

« They work well, I have been installing for about 20 years I've seen just about every thing. »

-- James Allen, Yucca Valey, CA, US

« Fortin is a good company and they have the technology which gives us the best possible products to do the best installations. »

-- Eduardo Olivares, Tucson, AZ, US

« Great products. Easy as pie. Well thought out. »

-- Carlos Costa, Freehold, NJ, US

« I've been using your products for 8 years and have zero complaints. I find your technical support extremely helpful and knowledgable. »

-- David Goldstein, Palmyra, PA, US

« The EVO-NIST1 on a 2012 QX56 worked flawlessly. After spending over nine hours fighting with a idatalink module that never would program correctly (tech blamed a problem with the vehicle for the cause). It took us right about one hour to do the install - and we have never installed Fortin products before. This will most certainly not be the last time we use Fortin products. We were impressed with the automatic take over and the fact that you included terminations on the wires that had to be inserted into the BCM. Thanks for saving our butts and a great product! »

-- Andrew Miller, Kenner, LA, US

« Very good products and excellent information provided by your technical department. Very appreciated. »

-- Hector Gonzalez, El Paso, TX, US

« Very user friendly and sophisticated! »

-- Lee Mayra, Houghton, MI, US

« Fortin is the leader in the automotive industry for data solutions. »

-- Clinton Philip, Brooklyn, NY, US

« I think they have great support, easy to understand. »

-- Zeyad Hayyeh, Topeka, KS, US

« With the evolving technology in the new vehicles Fortin has paved the way to make the integration process as smooth possible.... Great job and keep up the phenomenal work. »

-- Eric Schroeder, Norman, OK, US

« These are the best factory security interface products available! »

-- Todd Sneath, Garden, KS, US

« [Fortin] products are the best! »

-- Spencer Williams, Broken Arrow, OK, US

« By far the most advanced design and easiest installation of any remote starter on the market. »

-- Robert Bibles, Norman, OK, US

« I will only use your Bypass modules for remote starts! I love how simple they are to install!! »

-- Corey Powell, Osawatomie, KS, US

« Great products. Never a problem. »

-- Jay Withers, Kansas, KS, US

« Fortin products works very very good. We been using them for last 3 years. »

-- Frank Asheghali, Kansas City, MO, US

« We have used your modules on several vehicles over the years and have always had good luck with them. »

-- Michael Scudiero, Marceline, MO, US

« It is a pretty reliable product. »

-- Travis Coots, St Joseph, MO, US

« The only bypass modules that work every time. »

-- Kevin Swysgood, Miller, MO, US

« I have been in this trade for many years and am I a graduate of the 2000 Installer Institute class and proud! I think your products are in a class of their own. [Fortin] products make it easier for us under the dash. »

-- Jarod Carman, Omaha, NE, US

« Every kit I have used has been awesome. Thanks! »

-- Michael Burton, Bolivar, MO, US

« I have used your products for 4 years now. I am very happy with the quality. Thanks! »

-- Sal Gonzales, Portales, NM, US

« I've been installing remote starters ever since cars became fuel injected. Fortin is on the cutting edge of bypassing the key for after-market installations. »

-- Rick Hall, Pampa, TX, US

« We love them here at my shop! Best in the business! »

-- David Richter, Columbia, MO, US

« I have to say, this is one of the best modules that i worked with. »

-- Edgar Sales, Garland, TX, US

« I have used your products for 25 years dating back to the passive entry systems. Always reliable and very solid. »

-- Scott Carson, Argyle, TX, US

« We love your alarm products and that is all that we carry and sell. »

-- Alberto Melendez, Dallas, TX, US

« I purchase Fortin products based on ease of installation and great functionality. »

-- Bruce Ngo, Fort Worth, TX, US

« Top of the line!!! »

-- Roger Kelderman, Oskaloosa, IA, US

« I love the Bypass modules. »

-- Juan Ramirez, Garden City, KS, US

« I was looking for an easy way to integrate remote start into my G37 without having to give up my factory key-fob and I was recommended to your CAN-SL2 because it is what a lot of Infiniti dealers are using to do this same thing. After researching your product, I've found that it will easily fit the bill and is an ideal product. »

-- Daniel Benedict, Saint Louis, MO, US

« Your technical service guys are awesome! Very knowledgeable and patient.... »

-- Lon Weaver, Jacksonville, IL, US

« The KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL covers a good number of makes and models. The instructions were very specific and easy to understand. »

-- Ryan Haag, Waterloo, IA, US

« We are really satisfied with the ease of operation, and operation of products..simple but nice. »

-- Charles Raye Ii, Shreveport, LA, US

« I have used your products in the past and found them to be very user friendly »

-- Mike Milhauser, Quincy, IL, US

« I love the bypass modules. They are very reliable. I have never had any issues with your product. »

-- Dave Duffy, Davenport, IA, US

« Great products. Easy to install. »

-- Chris Kemp, Dubuque, IA, US

« Easy to use. Helps a lot with installation by reducing [the number of] connections. »

-- Jorge Reyes, Willmar, MN, US

« After a decade in the industry, your interfaces are by far the best around. No having to program them makes on site install much easier than the competition. Keep it up. »

-- Jacob Brown, Albuquerque, NM, US

« Your product is amazing. »

-- Mike Defronzo, Danville, IL, US

« Some of the best bypasses available!!! »

-- Dan Gjertson, New Hope, MN, US

« Absolutely the best bypass and integration modules available. »

-- Dana Hallberg, Brooklyn Center, MN, US

« I've been using Fortin for 4-5 years. Great product and awesome technical help when needed. »

-- Chris Analetto, Minneapolis, MN, US

« Fortin has made our installs easy and programming is a breeze. »

-- Matthew Morrison, Chaska, MN, US

« It's a great product. »

-- Kalvin Pham, St Paul, MN, US

« Great products, never had any problems! »

-- Larry Castillo, Dekalb, IL, US

« Good Products. »

-- Brian Dafforn, Hatton, ND, US

« Love the Fortin bypasses!! The KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL is one of my most used. »

-- Jeffrey Moravec, Albertville, MN, US

« I am very excited about your CAN-BUS products. »

-- Tobin Roos, Katy, TX, US