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« [Fortin] products are great and I save so much time installing alarms on new vehicles. Thank you for making this product available to everyone and providing excellent customer service. »

-- Robert Jordan, Arlington, VA, US

« I have been installing Fortin products for the last threes year and have had no problem with the installation or the product Their customer service is excellent. »

-- Victor Guillot, Sterling, VA, US

« I think its great. The more information I have at hand is better and Fortin provides that. »

-- Chris Watson, Brandywine, MD, US

« I was blown away by up to date wiring information you have. Being a Dealer Expeditor, I require the most up to date information in order to serve the demands of my customers. Thank you for the information. As long as you maintain the quality of your product I'll be a customer of yours for life. »

-- Tim Jenkins, Winchester, VA, US

« We are very experienced and do not call with un-professional questions. We sell and install Fortin products over most all other products used »

-- Brian Gordon, Hagerstown, MD, US

« You guys come out with modules faster than anyone else and are very professional when I call for technical information. »

-- Mark Miller, Westminster, MD, US

« Detail oriented technical support. Their website is on point as well. Nothing better than having all the info you need when you need it. I'll never use another product, Fortin for LIFE! »

-- David Brooks, York, PA, US

« I have used most data modules for awhile and with technical support guys in Canada being great Fortin's the best. CAN-SL2, INT-SL, HONDA-SL3 and PASSLOCK-SL2; all of them work beautifully! »

-- Alan Updike, Lebanon, PA, US

« Great technical support, I have used your products for many years and have always had good results. »

-- Bill O'brian, Hummelstown, PA, US

« I am just learning about your product, but so far [I am] very impressed! »

-- Joe Proteau, Goochland, VA, US

« I like the EVO-RIDE for all Ford 80-bit keys and only use the EVO-ALL on all push-to-start vehicles. I also like using the EVO-ALL with one of the T-Harnesses because it helps make the installations quick and easy. »

-- Tom Lehman, Johnstown, PA, US

« One of the best brands I have installed. Clear and concise instructions. »

-- Brian Nash, Wilmington, DE, US

« Excellent products. »

-- Patrick Adolph, Johnstown, PA, US

« Fortin makes great products that integrate well, do what they are designed to do and help the installer be on top of their game. The manuals are well written and thought out. »

-- Spencer Peterman, Altoona, PA, US

« Very good products, easy to install and program. »

-- Zeev Gurwitz, Wilmington, DE, US

« Fortin products are the very best! »

-- Chris Smith, Latrobe, PA, US

« Awesome product, even better service, no long waits on the phone, always have the answers, Fortin's the best. »

-- Felix Ma, Landisville, NJ, US

« Without a doubt the best in the industry! »

-- Jim Madden, Philadelphia, PA, US

« I think this is one of the best products on the market. It beats the pants off all the other manufacturers. »

-- Hector Cruz, Chicago, IL, US

« Fortin products are the best I have ever used. »

-- Robert Goodman, Latrobe, PA, US

« Fortin alarm and remote start systems are the best on the market. »

-- Julian Drawdy Sr., Williamstown, NJ, US

« Fortin goes where other bypass companies won't with luxury cars, allowing us to be one of the few shops in our area to offer luxury car remote starters. »

-- John Cataldi, Claymont, DE, US

« Love it. »

-- Fhat Boizcustoms, Harrisburg, PA, US

« We really love Fortins endless effort to simplify the installation of our products. »

-- Nelson Brewster, Harrisburg, PA, US

« This is the best wiring site I have ever used - hands down! »

-- Michael Gorski, Walnutport, PA, US

« Fortin products are great! »

-- Daniel Bisceglia, , , US

« Excellent product and service. »

-- Paul Goncalves, Bensalem, PA, US

« I am going to make this simple... If you want to be the best you must use the best. This is why I choose your products over and over again. Thank you for all the continued support and great products. Keep up the awesome work. »

-- David Prosperi, Bethlehem, PA, US

« Past experience high quality bypasses [and] very good technical support. »

-- Michael Miske, Blackwood, NJ, US

« It was the easiest install I found. Programming was simple and straight forward. »

-- Jeff Logan, Levittown, PA, US

« Great products and excellent customer service. »

-- Sam Elison, Pittsburgh, PA, US

« Ever since I've started using your products installation has been 100% better. »

-- Kevin Cason, Norfolk, VA, US

« Very useful and easy installation. »

-- Fred Giraldo, Trenton, NJ, US

« Love the EVO-ALL. Thank you! »

-- Justin Terris, Vineland, NJ, US

« I have used Fortin products for many years. They are excellent products. »

-- Tod Hoffmann, Greensburg, PA, US

« [Fortin products] are the best to use and the easiest to install. »

-- Matt Trager, Dunmore, PA, US

« I have installed several Compustar remote starters and I have been very pleased with Fortin products and the several options that are available with them. »

-- Jason Mcgilton, Moundsville, WV, US

« I love the CAN-SL2. It works fantastic on VW and Audi. »

-- Matthew Sandherr, Tunkhannock, PA, US

« I have used many many Fortin products. Love them. »

-- Paul Bensing, New Brighton, PA, US

« I have been using these interfaces at work for the last three years or so, and they are very consistent and product support is excellent. If I have a question, I can call and get a knowledgeable person on the line to help me out. Great product from great people. I highly recommend. »

-- Christopher Kachersky, Lakewood, NJ, US

« Fortin is the best bypass modules I have ever used. »

-- Chris Roberts, Somerset, NJ, US

« I have never had a problem with a Fortin bypass module. I prefer to use Fortin modules for all my installations. »

-- Junior Premier, Kenilworth, NJ, US

« Best modules I ever used. Very easy and reliable. »

-- Chuck Araujo, Sussex, NJ, US

« We love your product! You guys always have the right solution that works the first time. »

-- Michael Tomei, Brick, NJ, US

« Excellent products and great product support. »

-- Par Troy Sound, Newton, NJ, US

« Awesome! »

-- Marc Salvador, Newton, NJ, US

« Easy to use units as well as easy to install. Save time on installation while making more profit dollars for the company since the install is quicker, I can get more installations done and make more money. »

-- Greg Boylan, Union, NJ, US

« Amazing web site and very easy to use. »

-- Luis Betances, Brooklyn, NY, US

« I've been using Fortin for a long time and they are always the first to release a solution for all new vehicles. Great technology and always up to date. »

-- Barrington Williams, Somerset, NJ, US

« I love your product. It always works the first time. »

-- Keith Shaw, Hillside, NJ, US