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i install evo one with RF642W evo antina to GMC acadia 2007 SLT full option with power up/down window , i did all wiring as show in installation guide and wire color , car start once with the remote , as soon i put the car key and turn to run possition the car turn off and show a message SERVICE THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM , then car will not start after that until i disconnect the unit and relearn the main key in car for around 30-45 min , i re done the programming again and the key dcryptor as well and as soon the car run from rf antina or 3x lock when i put the key in car to swith to on it is show same error , any advice what could be error in programming or wiring !?


asked Jun 5, 2019 in GMC by Mohammad Odeh (420 points)

2 Answers

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Turn off the following options in the module:

D2 - OFF

Change option 6.2 to 6.1 - NO


Also were did you take the 12 volt source from?


What wire did you cut at the transponder connector? Please provide a picture if possible. Send it to support@fortin.ca
answered Jun 5, 2019 by derek ! (279,120 points)

i have another GMC acadia 2009 i was installed , and no issue for the setting 6.2 as i would like to avoide any false siren or alarm that why i want to unlook the car first then run car then relock and once it is off it will relock , how ever i ddi what you advice me i remove both option D2 and 6.2 change to 6.1 and relearn the complete process with the dcrypt for key ,  and still have same error ,

6 pin harness connected as other car which is work normal

E3 - Red connect to rec/white on number 2 on the connecter as show on guied , and black to the metal body of car , and i verify the voltage by multimeater , and the rest of wires also ,

for transponder connecter i connect 5 CAN SW green to the C5 brown color , and for the immo 12v red/white i cut and connect from plug to D6 and from wire to D4 as show in diagram , i will send you picture ,

one more thing i notice ,

if i did not connect the 6 pin main plug to evo one and i run the car with key no problem and evo one pluged with the reset of wires , how ever if i disconnect all wires and i connect the main 6 plug only to evo one the car light will on and dashboard gages as well which i wounder why the gage light get on with the 6 pin connect harnes and the key is not in ignition at all  " try to run with normal key car will no ignition at all" and if i reconnect the transponder for the immo  back to normal without cut red/white or even if i keep the wire connect in the evo one to complete circit . evo one orange light led on as soon i connect the main harness , all steps in guid is 4 times repeated the only thing i still did not do is try other unit or hard reset,


all wires are soldered to insure good connection and cover with tape.

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redo ground connection if connecting the 6-pin is causing issue


pin 4 at OBD for ground
I think all what I did in begging is correct , it is faulty unit , i master reset it and try again still same issue, i have another unit i connect it first to make sure no trouble show and the dashboard lights did not on , i program the new one and learn the key and keyfobs and run immediately 002B04004463 , so here is the thing i am glad i make the car run , but what can i do with the faulty one , please advise, thank you.
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You need to press the brake after turning the key on in order to shut down the remote starter.

If the remote starter is not shut down, the passlock will be confused since it would be reading values from the key and the evo.


There should be no LED on, on the evo whent he car is off.
answered Jun 5, 2019 by Robert T (280,310 points)
yes i know but the car is not runing at all in order to push break to turn off the remote start , the car is not runiing at all and keep show  service theft deterrent system , i have to relearn the main key for 30 min or disconect the ecm module or fuse to reactive.


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