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lock/unlock and door pin wiring issues

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went to install an Evo-on in a 2015 Nissan Frontier.  Can't locate correct lt blue and gray door lock wires in the kick panel.  None go to 0 when the locks are triggered.  Try the actual door switch and they do go to 0.  Also the wiring says the door pin wire should be green/red, I can't find that at all.  I removed the door pin an it has 3 wires, red white and black.  Any help on this?
asked Jan 29, 2018 in Nissan by sal desimone (530 points)

1 Answer

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Yes the wires should go to ground when using the door lock./unlock switch, so those 2 sound correct. 


An alternate location for the drivers door pin is as follows: Grey wire @ BCM right of steering column, white 15 pin connector, pin 7, it should test negative. 

answered Jan 29, 2018 by Derek (177,890 points)
Thanks, I'll check that.  The lock unlock wires go to ground at the switch, but can't locate the wires in the drivers kick panel that go to ground when I activate the switch.  They don't change when I hit the switch.  Do you know which wires they would be on the BCM?

Lock - lt. blue driver kick or BCM right of steering column, white 40 pin connector, pin 8


Unlock - gray driver kick or BCM right of steering column, white 40 pin connector, pin 7


Be sure to set option 8.2 for double pulse unlock. 

Thanks for your help.  I found light blue and gray wires in the kick panel but they don't ground out when I try the switch.  I'll look around more in the kick panel first, but if not go to the BCM.  I set the options for 8.2 as it was listed on the tech sheet, but from what I've read the 2015 frontier doesn't support the remote function of the EVO-One, so I have to have a separate RF kit for that.
I saw another post similar to mine about the door locks.  The reply to theirs was that the power grounding needed to be checked manually using the key.  I've never heard of that, I've always used the door switch.  Is this something new?


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