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2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport wont start

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I installed the evo one remote starter in my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport push to start folowing the instalation guide but the car doesn't want to start. I am using the 3x lock buttonon myoem remote to start the car. I already program function 38 for that and 31 for the lightswith the flashlink. Car is automatic transmission and i cut the yelow loop wire. The module was succesfully programed. I have the solid blue light then i pressed the push to start button twice and i got blue light flashing which according to the guide is programmed. When i try to start the car the evo one module start with red light then yelow and blue and then it stops. I have nothing lighting on the dash and my push to start button on the car is flashing orange and then it stops.I double checked all the wirings. I also tried with firmware 4.18 but with this firmware the evo one is not doing anything at all when i press 3x lock button to start it. Is there specific firmware for my car that i have to use? Also i notice that the pink ignition wire is not connected to the car ignition. Is that supposed to be like that?
asked Jan 3, 2017 in Mitsubishi by Slavi (130 points)
edited Jan 3, 2017 by Slavi

1 Answer

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If the vehicle is not remote starting the parking lights are going to flash to tell you why.

How many times to the parking lights flash after it fails to start?
answered Jan 4, 2017 by Derek (186,920 points)
It flashes 4 times
Is it 4 flashes after it tries to start or before it tries to start?

4 flash before starting = valet mode activated.

4 flash after trying to start = no tach signal
It flashes after trying to start. But the car is not crancking at all. Nothing on the dash coming on. When i remote start it the The evo one turn red light, then, yellow and stops after that and then the parking lights flash 4 times.