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Fortin EVO-NIST1

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Hi, i bought Fortin EVO-NIST1 and my question is : Do i need to buy Flash-Link Updater ( https://fortin.ca/en/products/accessories/flash-link_updater/ ) to flash it

or it is flashed already for Nissan Murano Z51 2009 years(Pushed to Start/stop button equiped).

In discription is writen 

  • 1 x EVO-ALL control module.[1] [3]
  • 1 x Warning label. [3]
  • 1 x 20 Pin general purpose harness. [4]
  • 1 x 4 Pin Fortin 2-way data-link harness. [2]
  • 1 x Factory Fit T-Harness with OBD interconnect. [4]


[1] A firmware update is required.

  • [2] Using the 2-way datalink port with an equipped remote-starter, security-system or RF-KIT greatly simplifies installation.

[3] Updated firmware and installation guides are posted on a regular basis. We recommend that you update this module to the latest firmware and download the latest installation guide(s) prior to the installation of this product.

  • [4] Secure Clip Harness.


And if i need it can you send it to Bulgaria ?




asked Oct 19, 2022 in Nissan by Dobromir Dimitrov (320 points)
edited Oct 19, 2022 by Dobromir Dimitrov

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