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 installed EVO-MAZT1 harness, updated and flashed module. 
 procedure woks normal until i try to program the keys, 
 Module light stays solid blue after the x5 flash
 wires connected black 4 pin, white 20pin, white 5 pin
 stared from beginning few times, same result. 
Mazda CX-5 2013 automatic
asked Nov 29, 2021 in Mazda by darius (180 points)

1 Answer

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If the light does not change from blue to yellow that normally means one of two things:


- key palcement was no good

- issue with the data key connection


Try going through the programming with no batteries inside the remotes.

Also if you are using t-taps, remove them and make a proper connection.
answered Nov 30, 2021 by derek ! (277,630 points)
I gave up on programming oem keys and  bought RM411 remote kit and RFA2A wire.

i follow the procedure and it looks like the box is accepting both keys with Blue and Red LEDs flash.

but remote doesnt work. nothing happens.

instruction doesnt say anything about decryptor i conected it to decryptor anyway and got the message "immobilizer data recieved form module is incomplete"


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