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Exclusive solution for TOYOTA RAV4 2019+ and COROLLA 2020+ vehicles

June 21st, 2020

Fortin is pleased to announce an exclusive "No Key Sacrificed" immobilizer bypass and remote start solution for 2019-2020 TOYOTA specific vehicles.

Covering TOYOTA RAV4 2019+, RAV4 Hybrid 2019+ and COROLLA 2020+ H-Key vehicles, the solution uses Fortin EVO-ONE or EVO-ALL platforms to offer a secure cost effective solution. A T-HARNESS is available to facilitate the installation (sold separately).

The solution also supports the remote start from the OEM remote function on EVO-ONE and covers alarm and security features on both EVO-ONE and EVO-ALL platforms. RF Kits and compatible smartphone/telematic devices can also be connected directly to the EVO-ALL and EVO-ONE modules to extend the operating range if desired.

Click here to view the TOYOTA RAV4 vehicules coverage 
Click here to view the TOYOTA COROLLA vehicules coverage 


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