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EVO-FORT4 2015 F250 - Remote Starting Sets off OEM Alarm

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When I remote start it sets off the OEM alarm.  Firmware 71.52 has been flashed as listed in Guide 94891 but in flashlink manager 4 it recommends 71.49, is the correct frimware 71.52?  A5, C1, A11 and D1.1 is on. H2 is set to fortin 2.   

I can remote unlock, wait 3 seconds then initiate remote start and the OEM alarm will not go off with that sequence.  Any ideas what why the OEM alarm is not disarming when remote starting without unlocking?  I understand from reading with A5 turned on it should manage this.  I tried turning on D2 for the heck of it but it does not allow enough time after unlock to disarm the OEM alarm, it still sets it off with it turned on.
posté Nov 22, 2020 dans la catégorie Ford par Stephen Chan (130 points)

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Perhaps it missed something in the initial programming. 71.52 will work fine for that truck.


Try resetting the unit:


Then re program it from start to finish including re enableing the options required for the installation.
répondu Nov 23, 2020 par Derek (204,910 points)
Thank you for the quick response. I will try the suggestion when return home then report back.  I seem to recall the initial key programing didnt go smoothly on my first attempt.
turn off d2 though. Once it is programmed, vehicle not remote start with that option enabled.
Hi Robb, Thanks, D2 is turned off and ill make sure it is when I try Derek's suggestion.
I tried the master rest then re programed it from start to finish.  Still doing the same thing.
If the issue is still present try rolling back the firmware to 71.49 and re program it.


Also, i know on these fords sometimes the "OEM ALARM" is actually an after market module that is installed by ford, might wanna check to make sure that isnt the case here.
Thanks Derek.  Just tried rolling it back, same results.  I'm wondering if the keysense has anything to do with it.  I've checked the connection and it is good and I suppose it is fine because if I disarm priro to remote starting it does not set off the OEM alarm.  I'm going to update it back to 71.52 for now.

I dont think it is an aftermarket alarm installed by Ford.  I purchased it new without any addtional security system.  I had the OEM Ford Remote Access but since they are sunsetting 3G I switched to this system with a LINKR-LT2.

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