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(-) parking lights

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2011 Dodge Ram 1500 gas. Does the white wire at the vehicle's light switch need to be cut then connected to the 1K OHM resistor and then connected to the harness brown/ white wire. What do I do with the exposed white wire that is left hanging? Do I tape it off?
posté Nov 9, 2017 dans la catégorie Ram par Beaver Houle (190 points)

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Put a resistor inline with the negative parking light output from the evo-all. Do not cut vehicle wire.
répondu Nov 9, 2017 par derek ! (284,720 points)
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Although some chrysler/dodge vehicles require that the parking light wire temporarily be interupted during remote start for proper operation, some do not need it. You definitly would not want to leave to other end of the white wire not connected to anything. 


If an interupt is needed, a relay is also needed.

  • Pin 86 - to evo parking light output
  • Pin 85 - to ground
  • Pin 30 - vehicle parking light wire (car side)
  • Pin 87a - vehicle parking light wire (switch side)
  • Pin 87 - 1k resitor connected to ground. 



répondu Nov 9, 2017 par Robert T (284,540 points)