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2012 Sonata PTS - Compustar, Keep car running?

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With key start, when car is running, I can press and hold remote start button, and car will keep run. This is a convinient feature when i just need to go grab something quick and want to have car keeps running.

But with this PTS, while car is running, sit inside, and press and hold remote start button, 2way remote gets confirmation that remote started and shows countdown of 15minutes. Car keeps running. But as soon as go out and close door, I hear a constant beep and shows "key is not detected" on display. Lock the door using remote. Car is still running.

Then few minutes later, unlock door using remote, get inside of car, step on brake, car shuts down. It car won't take over.

Other than that, remote starts fine and takes over fine. This extra feature is not really neccessary but would like to know why.

Is this a firmware issue or is this normal for PTS?

I am using hardware 6 and 76.02, hardwired.
asked Jan 10, 2014 in Hyundai by leo kim (840 points)
edited Jan 10, 2014 by leo kim

1 Answer

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Start by updating to the latest Hyundai/Kia firmware. 76.[09]


After, you will want to look at the Key-Sense wire as this is directly related to key take over.

Key Sense: Yellow

  • Passenger kick panel, 56 pin gray connector
  • Will test as 5-12V, but will drop to 0V when key fob is inserted into key port.


answered Jan 10, 2014 by Robb (216,200 points)
I will have to update firmware first and see because Key take over works every time remote started normally.