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Still trying to figure out WTF

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It's been over a week and now, new problems. 1st the unit cannt be flashed anymore. Second the decryptor is not able to make a key, third, when doing the programing in the car itself, after the red and blue flash for 7 times and i put the first key in and turn to run, the red and yellow lights just alternate for the rest of the steps. nothing changes. The key code comes up on the dash but apparently this box wont program anymore. Only had it about 6 months. Does anyone have a solution or am I throwing this in the trash?
asked Aug 31, 2019 in Ford by Jason Seltzer (190 points)

1 Answer

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Year make and model of the vehicle is required in order to be able to help you further as well as the 12 digit service number of the actual module and the phone  number of the shop we can reach you at.


Thank you,
answered Sep 3, 2019 by Rico (53,940 points)
Not sure if it's safe to put that information on a public forum. Is there an email address I can send that info?




Back at it after some time. Can NOT flash the module anymore. No wiring has changed. Still nothing works right. Service # 001A06882546   12/18 Date on module. Vehicle is a 2013 Ford Fusion SE with standard key
Jason just call into Tech Support, this can be solved easily with tech on phone.