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CX5 2016 the remote start works but the Horn isnt working. EvoONE with Tharness

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I need to know if I need to connect the cable Yellow/black Output (pin 7 from evoone) to pin 13-pin White connector. driver kick panel.

My car is 2016 CX5 Push to start Automatic.
asked Apr 9 in Mazda by Miguel Franco (130 points)

1 Answer

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What guide are you following?

First page upper right hand corner you will find the guide number.
answered Apr 10 by Derek (156,250 points)
With the installation I followed the guide 68261, everything looks find as remote start. The car didn't come with OEM alarm, if you activate the alarm, wait for 30 sec, if you open the door the alarm doesn't honk, looking for another ideas I found the guide 57361 and I don't know if this should be works in my case, any idea I will appreciate
What is the service number to the module?
Service No. 002B07 xxxxxx
You need to connect the horn wire from the evo to the vehicle. on the evo its the orange/black wire on the 20 pin and it is a negative.
sorry but I need to understand before I burn the car. the Orange/Black in on Pin A7. My question is I need to connect the Pin A7 into Pin A20 (Lt. Blue)?
No, you need to connect the horn wire from the evo-one 20 pin connector (a7 orange/black), to the vehicles horn wire. Test the wire on the car first and make sure it is also a negative trigger.