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What exactly does the Push Start option change?

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I'm just curious what the Push Start option changes when enabled? Since this is for an 08 GMC Sierra, and the option still shows, I wonder what changes since I'm installing a third-party push start system. Does it affect the ACC/IGN timing, or something else? Or perhaps it's only for vehicles with OEM push start systems? I understand the manual doesn't say to enable it on this truck, but since I'm using the EVO-ALL for an off-label use, I thought it would be handy to know. Thanks!
asked Oct 2, 2018 in GMC by timmerk (950 points)

1 Answer

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If the option is not mentioned in your installation guide do not worry about changing it.


The options are generic, you could flash the module for a 67 Mustang and it would still offer you push-to-start
answered Oct 2, 2018 by Derek (190,460 points)