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Evo-Key: does a proper transponder key need to be in the ignition to drive or would a key that doesn't have a chip work?

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We have a Toyota Matrix 2005 and it's transponder key only works intermitantly. I'm considering installing a tansponder bypass like this one (and maybe a remote start while i'm at it) with the hopes that it would fix this by sending a valid code to the immobilizer every time but I'm unclear how the module behaves once a key is placed in the ignition. If, for example, a key is placed in the ignition but it couldn't read a transponder code from it would it cut the engine? Could you still drive the car? Would installing a bypass potientionally solve our issue?

After installing an Evo-Key/Evo-One and it is properly set up with a transponder code from a valid key, does a proper transponder key need to be in the ignition to drive the car or would a key that is cut properly but maybe doesn't have the transponder work as well?
asked Aug 14, 2018 in FAQ by Robert Stevenson (400 points)

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Yes, no, maybe. They are not intended to be a fix or patch for an intermittent vehicle issue.


These modules are meant for remote starting on vehicles that the immobilizer system is already 100% functional. Even though they are simulating the key, if the issue is further down the line on the car in question, the problem would still remain. 


I believe your particular vehicle only requires the key code to start the car. Once started, the immobilizer is not needed. I may be wrong. 


answered Aug 14, 2018 by Robb (191,720 points)
selected Aug 29, 2018 by Robert Stevenson


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