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Evo One can't Program Compustar G9 2 way

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I have an EVO ONE which i installed in my 2016 Tucson with the T harness.  The wiring was minimal and straight forward, so I know it's all correct.  It's just 4 CANbus wires, parking lights, horn, and ignition.  The dealer I bought it from programmed it for a Revo 1.1(fortin2) but I couldn't get that to work.  I followed the procedure for the valet button and brake pedal, the car responds and flashes the lights when it's supposed to, but wouldn't respond when pressing the start button on the Revo.  So I sent those remotes back to the dealer to be replaced. 

While waiting for the replacement remotes, I was at best buy and spotted the compustar 2 way system (RF-2WG9-SP).  I bought it and ordered the flashlink2 unit online.  First, before the flashlink arrived, I swapped the 4 pin wires and programmed the remotes with the EVO ONE still set to fortin2 and firmware 1.21, and the compustar remotes WORKED.  I could Lock/Unlock my doors and hatch, as well as start the car.  The car responds exactly as it should with the lights and horn.  The problem is it only works as a one way remote.  The blue compustart remote is supposed to be one way, but the orange remote is supposed to give me a 2 way response.  However, at least I know all of my wiring is correct. So the problem is communications handshaking between the box and the remotes.

So my Flashlink comes in and i'm able to switch the options to firsttech from fortin2.  I tried to program the remotes on mode 1 and mode 5, but no success.  I tried to do a full master reset and flashed the firmware to 0.96.  I set it to firsttech in options and tried to program on mode 1 but didn't work.  So i did a master reset, set options to firsttech and tried to program on mode 5 but no success.  So I set it back to fortin2 and it programmed on mode 5 on the first try.  Everything works again except only as a 1 way remote.

Any ideas, I figured it would be straight forward to program this remote?

asked Jan 17, 2017 in Hyundai by Neseth Kong (200 points)

1 Answer

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Try lowering the remote starter firmware to 1.16 and reset and re program the remotes and see if you get the 2 way.

According to the guide it should be set to firstech.
answered Jan 17, 2017 by derek ! (284,570 points)
Thanks, I flashed to version 1.16, did master reset and set it to Firsttech.  The remotes were able to program on mode5 but I still only have 1 way communication.  No 2 way response.  Everything seems to work fine, door locks, trunk, and remote start, just no response back.

So now everything seems ok on firmware 1.16 except it's only 1 way?  Anything else i'm missing?
No at this point it should be working, I'm going to have to ask around and see if there is some compu remotes we can test here...Leave it as is for now and ill try to see if i can test some compu remotes here if we have some.
Cool Thanks
Ok so at this time I do not have any furhter troubleshooting we can do.

I am going to make a report on this.
I finally got it working yesterday.  I went through the entire master reset procedure again, this thim I did a master reset on the Bypass side first and sync'd it to the car following the normal procedure. Then master reset the remote start side.  Then selected Firsttech in the options.  Didn't touch anything else.

Then It programmed and works with 2 way response on the first try.

I think the first time I did it, i did a master reset on the remote start side.  Then master reset on the bypass, then synced bypass to the car, then set the first tech option which didn't allow for 2 way for some reason.
The only real way to know if the master reset on the remote starter works is that the previously working remotes should stop working.


The fact that another brand of rf kits was attempted to be programmed into the unit complicates things, once the evo is setup for one particular rf kit protocol it takes a successful master reset before another type of rf kit can be programmed (even if you force the unit via the offline menu to another protocol)

So Master Reset, then set the correct protocol, then reprogram rf kit is the right sequence.