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2013 Nissan Murano Evo-All Standalone sometimes no key and transponder picture in display when remote starting.

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I have a 2013 Nissan Murano with the evo-all acting as a standalone remote starter. When attempting to remote start, sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. The times it does not, on the vehicles display it comes up as "no key" and then switches to an image of no key in the transponder port. Does this have anything to do with installing a diode? I see on the PDF install guide under parts listed is one diode, but it is not shown anywhere in the schematic on where to install said diode.
asked Dec 22, 2013 in Nissan by Anthony Laurentino (240 points)

2 Answers

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Hi Anthony,


We did encouter a similar issue in some vehicles with the latest 72.xx firmware.


This has been resolved in 72.10 and could also have been resolved by downgrading to firmware 4.18.
answered Jan 22, 2014 by Alexandre Messier (2,580 points)
selected Jan 23, 2014 by Robert T
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look at page 9     it shows the diode placement.   for some reason this page is not included with the module   



answered Dec 28, 2013 by chris trasacco (150 points)