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2009 Hyndai Sonata

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2009 Hyndai Sonata

No immobalizer (Don't have a Green data wire but have Hyndai alarm system and security LED)

Guide # 23951

My 2009 Sonata does not have a Green immobalizer wire at the driver kick panel white connecter. However do i still need to make connections between D4 tol A20 and D6 to A10 ? (In the Guide it shows D6 tol A20 and D4 to A10 but when we trace the wires the connections are in between D4 white green to A20 and D6 white red to A10 )?.
asked Dec 29, 2015 in Hyundai by DIm En (290 points)

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If your vehicle does not have an immobilizer you dont need to make any of those connections. Simply bundle up the wires and tap them up.
answered Dec 29, 2015 by Derek (151,740 points)
selected Jan 6, 2016 by DIm En

The blue light  goes OFF when i turn the key to ON position and never come back or blink.Checked the Can high and Low they are good.
what firmware is on the module?

Whats the service number?
Remote Starter

Service No:    002B07035071
Preload date:    48-2015
Hardware version:    7
Firmware version:    1.16


Service No:    002B02035071
Preload date:    48-2015
Hardware version:    2
Firmware version:    76.24
Vehicle:    HYUNDAI SONATA 2009

The can-bus only does tachometer on this vehicle and you have no transponder bypass to do.


If the vehicle is Automatic transmission. 
Honestly, just disconnect can-bus completely and enable option 20.2 - Tachless mode, in the remote starter options. You will not need to program anything besides for the remotes. The red connector and also the light blue and light blue/black connections are also not needed since you have no immobilizer.

1- Master reset the bypass. This will clear anything on the bypass portion of the evo-one to default.
2- Plug in power (6-pin main harness). Three leds will blink about 20 times on top of the unit.
3- program your remotes and you are done.

Like the the TechSupport advice, Remote Starter works now with Tachless and we are not using CAN Bus at all.

But the door lock,unlock,trunk relese and parking lights are not wokring.Fortin 2 way remote gives conformation that lock and unlock are woking but nothing happens on the car side. Do we have a way to hard wire these to evo one?
You have to hard wire the doorlocks on this vehicle. You need to take purple (lock) and purple/white(unlock) from the 20 pin connector and connected them to the negative trigger lock/unlock wires on the vehicle.  glad to hear it worked after what we did yesterday on the phone:)

Thanks Guys Everything is working now. Also able to wire the parking lights,hood pin and the trunk relese.

Appreciate your helpyes



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