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So I'm attempting to install an EVO-ALL along with an Ultrastart 3295 remote start.  Firmware Version 70.16

When I go to program the blue light goes out  and never starts flashing when I get to step #4.

At first I noticed the car wouldn't start this way either.  Ultimately I determined it was because there wasn't power passing through the White Green wire on connector D to the White Red wire on connector D so I unhooked the entire remote start & bypass module and jumpered the two wires together to verify the car would start that way (it did).  Next I reconnected the starter and bypass and removed the jumper that I had temporarily installed and tried programming again... same issue.

Anyone have any suggestions?
in Pontiac by tjamz0061 (340 points)

1 Answer

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Use firmware 70.17.
by Robert T (274k points)
I ended up using an idata module.  Thanks though!