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2015 jeep cherockee Take Over

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I have now installed evo-all (standalone) on 2015 cherokee (key). After remote start, when I open the door with the remote control, the engine stalls. Why? 001A07294438        I do not remember whether or not I turned off the A11. And how is A5 better? Turn it on or off?
asked Dec 9, 2021 in Jeep by G M (8,660 points)
edited Dec 9, 2021 by G M

1 Answer

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You must press unlock on the oem remote before opening the door. Otherwise it will shut down.
answered Dec 9, 2021 by derek ! (279,170 points)
selected Dec 11, 2021 by G M
Yes, I press the unlock on the OEM (the door was closed).
When you press unlock after it is remote started and before you open the door, what do the lights on the evo do?
I didn't pay attention. The client has already left (earlier I installed it on Toyota and he was so used to it). If I would not open the door after pressing the unlock on the OEM, then you could open the ignition, then press the brake and drive away


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