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Blue light turns off Step 4

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Hoping someone can help. Volks Atlas 2021 Standard Key, Evo All Stand Alone instal with RF remote kit.

Followed evo-all_ig_sal_bi_vw-atlas-2019-key_a_94061.pdf

Ensured CAN High and CAN Low connected correctly, I went straight to the OBD port, used number 6 for CAN High(C3 Gray) and number 14 for CAN Low(C4 Gray/Black), but on step 4, once i turn the ignition to the On/Run position the blue light turns off. I even flipped them and still the blue light turns off.

Ensured diodes are plugged in correct direction, Cut transponder wire position 2, D4 to connector side, D6 to wire side.

I master reset the unit, hold down button, plug 4 pin, release when red, press button, lights alternate, disconnect.


Date 09/2019

SN 001A07067090

Help me please!!!
asked Dec 7, 2021 in Volkswagen by Mike Giannikos (360 points)

1 Answer

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Looking at guide 94061, the can wires are connected to the twisted pair in the drivers kick, harness comming from dirvers door. Not the OBD2 like you have stated.
answered Dec 7, 2021 by derek ! (285,690 points)
selected Dec 9, 2021 by Mike Giannikos
yes, but the twisted pair go to the OBD port and since the wire colors didnt match i went to the port to figure out which one was low and high
The twisted pair in the drivers kick panel should not go to the obd2 port. The twisted pair you are looking for go to the comfort module.
Thanks a million. All works now