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FLASH-LINK UPDATER - Firmware update tool.

The Flash Link Updater 2 allows you to update the firmware on your Fortin bypass modules and remote-starters in a matter of seconds. The FLU will work with modules that have bar codes stamped on the label. It's compatible with Windows [1] software, and allows you to upgrade/downgrade the firmware version on any of our supported modules through a USB cable, PC and Internet connection.


Product Features

  • On-board status LEDs
  • User friendly interface
  • DCryptor capability
  • Internet updatability
  • FLU module supplied with USB cable and detailed installation instructions
  • Ability to update Fortin 2-Way data modules with the bar-code to any vehicle specific firmware
  • Includes Windows drivers (98/2000/XP)
  • Compatible with PC and an internet connection
  • Customization features and module options directly from the FLASH-LINK Manager menu
  • Simple point-and-click enable or disable functionality
  • Access installation guides directly from the FLU menu
  • No internet required to disable or enable features in the options menu

Product Specifications

  • The user can disable the following features enabled by default:
  • Door Locks
  • Trunk Release
  • Key Bypass
  • Heated Seats & Rear Defrost
  • Foot-Brake Output
  • Hand-Brake Output
  • Door Trigger
  • Trunk Trigger
  • Hood Trigger
  • Auxiliary 1
  • Auxiliary 2
  • The user can enable the following features disabled by default:
  • Unlock/Lock (disarm factory OEM alarm)
  • Unlock drivers door priority only
  • Aftermarket alarm control via OEM remote
  • Engine-Start via OEM remote by pressing 3x lock
  • Enable RF kit functionality by brand
  • Enable EVO-ALL alarm features

Parts included

  • 1x FLU 2 module
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Fortin data-link harness
  • 1x Installation guide


  • [1] Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7