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INT-BMW2 slot key ignition interface kit now available

November 24th, 2011

BMW & Mini Cooper slot key ignition interface kit for both automatic and manual transmissions now available. Universal solution supports all brands of remote-starters/alarms with connectivity through either wire-to-wire or Fortin Data-Link installations.

Secures the vehicle by monitoring the door locks and foot-brake. The driver simply has to unlock the doors with the remote-starter, enter the vehicle, put the vehicle in to gear and drive away. There is no need to insert the key fob in to the key port. Press the PTS button or key fob once to shutdown the vehicle at any time.

To engage ready-mode on manual transmission a small tab must be shaved off inside the key port so the key fob can be removed while the engine is running. The driver can engage ready-mode by engaging the remote-starter, remove the key fob from the key port and exit the vehicle.

T-Harness allows rapid integration with most BMW and Mini Cooper slot-key PTS vehicles.

EVO-ALL or EVO-CAN (Firmware 4.02+) required for convenience through CAN-Bus:

  • Door Locks (Lock & Unlock)
  • OEM Alarm Control (Arm & Disarm)
  • Trunk/Hatch Release
  • Door Pin Status
  • Hand-Brake Status
  • Foot-Brake Status
  • Tachometer Output

Key fob or valet key required with installation for immobilizer bypass.

Supported vehicles:

  • BMW 1-Series 2007-2011 (Push-to-start)
  • BMW 3-Series 2005-2011 (Push-to-start)
  • BMW 5-Series 2005-2010 (Push-to-start)
  • BMW X5 2007-2011 (Push-to-start)
  • BMW X6 2008-2011 (Push-to-start)
  • Mini Cooper 2008-2011 (Push-to-start)

Visit the INT-BMW2
View the INT-BMW2 & BMW/Mini Cooper - Installation Guide (Adobe Flash)